Children's play paradise


An indoor playground for children up to 12 years. There are ball pools, bouncy castles, climbing and climbing courses, etc. For small children there is a separate section.

Aeolus Science Centre

Here you can experience everything that has to do with wind and water. There are a Experimentarium, where it is necessary to experience more than 50 things.
There is much to discover and to experience.
It is located in Sexbierum, around 7 km after Franeker.

Aqua zoo Friesland

Outside Leeuwarden Hardegarijp direction is the Aqua Zoo Friesland; a natural wildlife park with a focus on the wonderful world of water areas. The animals in the park include not only otters, owls and pygmy monkeys, but also vultures and mint yaks.

Sybrandy of relaxation Park

Sybrandy the recreation park located in southwestern Friesland amid the beautiful forests of Gaasterland. The park was a bird park and has now become a versatile theme parkThe surrounding area of Rijs and Oudemirdum it is definitely worth it.


In the aqueous heart of Friesland the village Terherne lies. Here the world awakens the famous twins Hielke and Sietse Klinkhamer and their famous boat, the Chameleon, for life. The atmosphere of the 50s and 60s and the presence of the famous characters from the books make the village Terherne a real Kameleondorp.

Day tickets adventure island

You can take a ferry to Island Adventure Chameleon. This wonderful piece of nature is on two hectares of area. On the island you can experience a lot of active adventures. There are exciting routes in and along the water, through the trees and over the marshes. With a rope swing over the moat, there really is a lot to experience. Bring clean clothers and pull yourself what Comfortable on.
For younger children there is a wonderful sandbox with boat baths, where there are real treasures which can be excavated. Together with Mom and Dad you can enjoy an adventure on the chameleon island.

Attractiepark Duinen Zathe

A park with lots of fun for young and older children.  A park full of attractions and play equipment. This day the time will pass much too quickly. The park Attractiepark Duinen Zathe is near Appelscha.