Shipping routes

The best shipping routes in Friesland.

Who says water, means Friesland! With almost as much water as land in the province, is a key point for a trip with a boat or a canoe.

Sailing in Friesland

Friesland is the province with the most water in the Netherlands. There is also much to do around the water! Sailing on the Frisian lakes with a boat you have do do! Enjoy an afternoon or a few days of sailing, it is exactly what you want. In the south of Friesland are the largest lakes, but also the small canals in the rest of Friesland are very nice. You can choose a sailboat, but also a sloop or canoe are an option. If you have none, you can contact us and rent a sloop or a sailboat.

Driving routes in Friesland

Everywhere in Friesland are several routes outlined. The routes passes charming villages and towns and the most beautiful sights! Along the way, you can drink a cup of coffee in a cafe or restaurant on the water. There are many choices. In the south you have for example the famous Turfroute where you sail through the forest of Friesland. The Trip thought 11 Citys is a unique route that passes through Friesland. The endless fields in the north offer calm and tranquility. The southern part is more suitable for smaller boats and leads through picturesque villages where you can make various trips. The downtown route is an obligation for people who love the hype. In Leeuwarden you will pass many cafes and Prinsentuin, shipping throught the canals.

The Turfroute

The other kind of Friesland, with forest, moor and heath: This is the southeast corner of the province. The Turfroute connects this area with West Drenthe and Overijssel. In addition, you will pass this four beautiful National Parks: the Drents-Friese Wold, the Dwingelderveld, the Alde Feanen and Weeribben. The route has got this name thanks to the history of the men of rank, turf bosses and poor peat diggers.

Mentioned last is a nice place to stay and to go ashore. Because there is the beautiful nature Rottige Meenthe where you can go through. Do you have a bike? There are many forests, where you can enjoy cycling. There are forests around Oranjewoud and the Drent-Friese Wold near to Appelscha. So you can combine water and forest! The Turfroute passes numerous bridges and locks, often with beautiful houses of the lock keeper. Many small bridges you can operate yourself, for the larger bridges bridge guards help you open it. To conservate the Turfroute, you can buy a ticket for 15 euros at the lock in Gorredijk, Damsluis at Appelscha and Sluis, so all bridge and lock dues are paid. The trail is accessible for boats up to 28 meters long, 5 meters wide and 3.30 meters in height and a maximum draft of 1.10 m.

The Middelseeroute

The Mittelseeroute is a historical route through Friesland and goes along a long part of the trip through 11 citys. Earlier this way was an important link between the capital Leeuwarden and Sneek. It is quieter than the Princess Margriet and thus certainly a good choice. Sneek is a very pleasant town with many cafes, shops and activities. Mooring facilities are no problem and nice trips make it a great day or vacation! The route is in the area where previously the mid-lake was. That’s why it got this name. Very characteristic are the hills that protected the inhabitants in previous years against floods. There are also many ways to ride a bike, and to go in the instance!